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My work deals with figuration and abstraction. I create out of observations from reality and transform these visual and audio experiences into invented situations, sequences and scenarios. Daily encounters and the fragmented nature of urban life, the human condition and nature are all things that feed my rigorous routine of working with images and sound. I am interested in conveying the fleeting moment captured by the use of immediate and rapid drawings made in sketchbooks and on ipads. These drawings are the source material for my painting. Each painting is then worked and reworked over a long period of time until completion.

The works are often based on experiences of London, New York, Paris and L.A and the Wiltshire and Somerset landscape. The camera, keyboard, electric guitar and computer are extensions of my daily routine. of recording and editing events that happen as I make my way through the diametric opposites of the rural and urban environments. Painting is my number one priority and I convey in the work the visual poetry that emerges from observations and found images in my daily encounters.


David Somerville

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